Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
York Pennsylvania
Emory F. Flinchbaugh
Emory was my grandfather, my father told me a story that (his) father went to the Wild West Show in York Pa.about 1895-1910. He wasn't sure of the exact date.. but here are a few items about the Wild West Show and exactly where it was held in York. Behind George St is Cottage Place and Cleveland Ave. For years the Tremont Restaurant (Formerly known as Bierman's Oyster and Ice Cream House.) It was on this site that Annie Oakley performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show..
Wild West Show Pocket Watch Fob bought at one of the Shows, 1885-95 Elgin Sidewinding Pocket Watch, also a York Pa City Diretory from about the same time period. The City Dir. was my Dad's
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